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CBD: vaping is evolving

CBD: vaping is evolving

We all know that this tool for smoking cessation has gained great recognition in recent years. Many brands of electronic cigarettes have emerged and continue to evolve. Between information and misinformation, vaping has been able to take different paths and delight its entire community.

The basics of vaping

There have been some great developments in terms of hardware. But what about e-liquids today? They are the basis of vaping and it is important to note that they too have been able to develop.

On the path to quality, both in terms of its components and its flavors, the e-liquid has been worked on from every angle. Surprising in its realism or in its vapor production, every type of vaper can find a drip tip to suit their lips.

The goal being to stop smoking, considering its role as a nicotine substitute, what could be the advances in the field of health?

E-Liquid and CBD

It is with this in mind that High Vaping has worked hand in hand with European laboratories to offer CBD-based liquids. This molecule, similar to THC, therefore a cannabinoid, and completely legal in France, helps reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia.

A first step in medicinal vaping which could well be the start of a great evolution.