High Vaping, creator of e-liquids made in France for electronic cigarettes!

Today, there are tens of thousands of former smokers who have switched to vaping and who now constitute a real community with its own language, its codes and this comfort common to all vapers, of having said goodbye to tobacco and to its harmful effects. Why such a success ? Quite simply because the world of electronic cigarettes has been able to innovate, transform and renew itself to allow everyone to find vaping equipment and e-liquids, Cbd e-liquid booster that corresponds to it. Want to vape a tarte tatin, a mango, red fruits or even your coffee? With High Vaping , your Vape Paris store , you are guaranteed surprise and quality as we have a wide range of the best Vape products and equipment from the latest innovations. High-performance and perfectly secure vapes, far from the first mechanical mod and real imagination in the choice of our e-liquids, this is what awaits you when you make your selection of electronic cigarettes and vaping products at High Vaping!

High Vaping, a reference in the world of vaping!

Present in the 1st arrondissement of Paris , High Vaping also offers you the opportunity to find all of its electronic cigarettes in Paris, e-liquids , DIY concentrates, CBD and other Vape materials at a large number of professional resellers throughout France as well as on our website for delivery directly to your home. If you are looking for a French-made vape that matches your personality and preferences, then our hundreds of e-liquid references selected from the best brands promise you total satisfaction. First of all, we offer you high-performance equipment ranging from complete kits to pods including a wide choice of clearomizers , vaporizers, batteries, Mass Koils and other accessories from the biggest brands such as Innokin, Vaporesso, Voopoo or Geekvape again. From beginner to more experienced vapers, you are guaranteed to find at High Vaping something to vape according to your requirements and tastes but also everything you need to satisfy your desire for discovery with the guarantee of follow-up in the references that we provide. offer in store as much as on our online store dedicated to Vaping. And because we are committed to revitalizing the world of vaping, we are constantly looking for innovation and new electronic cigarette products in Paris to allow you to vary the pleasures by offering you the opportunity to experience new sensations outside the beaten track ! Vampire Vape, CBD booster, classic E Liquid, fruit, gourmet or menthol or everything necessary and essential to indulge in the joys of mixology to create your own DIY e-liquids... you no longer have any excuses for switching to electronic cigarettes as you have so many choices on our online Vape store, in our stores in Paris as well as at our reseller partners.

Smoking cessation in Paris, a reality with High Vaping!

In addition to the dosage of nicotine which can create this addictive effect making the quitting smoking in Paris is problematic, it is often a question of maintaining this habit of having the cigarette in hand and putting it in the mouth which is lacking for those who want to reduce their smoking . Unlike traditional cigarettes , e-cigarettes do not work through combustion, thus preventing you from inhaling various toxic substances such as nicotine , tar or carbon monoxide. For this change in your habits and your desire to quit smoking to be a success and for you to make an effective transition to electronic cigarettes in Paris , it is imperative to turn to Vape professionals. Choice of suitable products, composition of the liquid for electronic cigarettes, settings of your e-cigarette... the advisors at our Vape Shop Paris will be able to guide you and support you on your path to quitting smoking .

What products can we find in the High Vaping Vape Shop Paris?

When you open the door of our store dedicated to vaping in Paris or you surf on our website, there is no need to ask yourself the question: you do not need to go elsewhere to find what you need even if you want to find new products or exclusives.

High Vaping gives you access to all the best in the world of vaping!


Electronic cigarette, atomizers, Drip Tips, batteries, replacement tubes, chargers, protective covers, storage accessories... it's everything you need for a comfortable and secure practice of vaping that awaits you on the shelves of our Vape store in Paris .


Nicotine booster , Milky Strawberry, Dragon fruit, mint, Red Astaire, Heisenberg, Unicorn... the variations of e-liquids offered by High Vaping are so diverse and numerous that it is unthinkable not to find those that suit you . Classics like the essential Baker Street or Vegas, fruity with the Byakug Gan with lychees or the Summer Time with exotic fruits, but also gourmets with lemon or vanilla tart, you are spoiled for choice to diversify your experiences and try new vaping adventures .


Do It Yourself ! Do it yourself ! High Vaping allows you to make your own e-liquid by combining the various components that you find in our DIY kits and in particular neutral bases, flavors or CBD or nicotine boosters.


CBD booster, hemp oil, flavored e-liquids and CBD, a rich selection of cannabidiol vaping products is offered to you by High Vaping Paris !

High Vaping, a whole team dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers!

The attention we pay, at every moment, in the selection of the Vape products that we offer you, in the welcome we reserve, in the shipping conditions and in the follow-up of your orders, is the result of knowledge -do and know-how of a motivated and passionate team. Are you hesitating between two models of vaporizers, a leak on a clearomizer , need clarification on the different E-liquid flavors present in store? Whatever your expectations or questions, we do everything we can to provide you with tailor-made solutions and answers and our expert advice. All members of the team at our Vape Paris High Vaping store are united around the same values ​​of sharing, advice and a common passion for everything related to vaping. And beyond the health dimension of vaping which helps reduce the harmful effects of smoking, choosing the electronic cigarette also responds to strong commitments in terms of ecology . A single cigarette butt pollutes a volume of 500 liters of water with all the new substances it contains. So when we know that more than 4,000 billion of these cigarette butts are thrown into nature every year, we let you calculate the disaster for our environment. High Vaping, through its passion for the world of Vaping, contributes to the awareness that we must review our consumption patterns and that this involves abandoning tobacco in favor of vaping! You will have understood that High Vaping is an innovative player and a real electronic cigarette advisor in Paris .

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