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The electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette ), sometimes called a vaper , is an electromechanical or electronic device generating an aerosol intended to be inhaled. It produces “vapour” or “artificial smoke” visually resembling the smoke produced by burning tobacco. This vapor can be flavored — light tobacco, dark tobacco, fruit, candy, etc. aromas. — and contain or not nicotine.

The advantages of electronic cigarettes

  • There is no combustion, no tar, no carbon monoxide, only vapor flavored with the flavor and nicotine dosage of your choice.
  • The budget allocated to electronic cigarettes is divided by 5 compared to traditional cigarettes.
  • No more need for lighter ashtrays and no passive smoking.
  • The action remains the same, as well as the sensations that classic cigarettes give you.
  • Unlike cigarettes, with electronic cigarettes there is no production of tar or combustion. However, it is combustion which is largely responsible for the toxicity of classic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are said to be 97% less harmful than cigarettes.
  • After a few days, a vaper regains his breath, his appetite, his taste, his complexion is less gray. Chronic respiratory infections are decreasing. However, liquids with nicotine remain prohibited for pregnant women.
  • Many recent studies show the absence of nicotine in the vapor exhaled by a vaper, unlike cigarette smoke, therefore no passive smoking with the electronic cigarette.
The sale of electronic cigarettes and e liquid is prohibited to minors.