High Vaping, creator of e-liquids made in France for electronic cigarettes!

No longer experience smoking cessation in Paris as a constraint requiring unwavering willpower or resulting in weight gain, increased irritability or chronic bad mood due to the withdrawal effect of tobacco ! This is a wish that is accessible to you if you enter the world of vaping to discover all the possibilities available to you to quit smoking and put your pack of traditional cigarettes aside for good! With High Vaping , achieve this objective by entering a specialized store near the 4th arrondissement of Paris . You will be able to immerse yourself in a world of flavors and experience extraordinary sensory experiences. Vaping, beyond helping you quit smoking, is also discovering a world of aromas, flavor combinations, subtleties to inhale but above all it is sharing moments alone or with others, moments friendly or more confidential... Because Vaping in Paris is a matter of sensitivity which belongs to each vaper !

Why choose High Vaping in Paris 4th?

Notre Dame Cathedral, Saint Louis Island, the Pompidou Center, Place de la Bastille, Rue de Rivoli and Paris City Hall , all emblematic places in the capital near which we needed to be present to offer to as many people as possible our innovative solutions for electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and e-liquid boosters in Paris , equipment and accessories for vaping and allowing you to quit smoking in a gentle and effective way. The goal of our High Vaping store is simple: to offer vapers in the 4th arrondissement of Paris a friendly space in which they can find all the answers to their questions as well as expert advice for everything relating to electronic cigarettes. The High Vaping advisors who welcome you to our Vape Shop Paris 4 master all aspects of the world of vaping both in terms of equipment, materials and technologies used as well as the specificities of each of our liquids for electronic cigarettes, in the recommended nicotine dosages, the possibilities of making your own e-liquids or anything that refers to the regulations in force.

Expertise, personalized support, coaching to stop smoking and customer satisfaction are the values ​​that motivate us day after day to offer you the best in the world of vaping in the heart of Paris !

How do you know what type of vaping is right for you?

It is according to your smoking profile and the preferences that you entrust to our High Vaping Paris 4 advisor that we will be able to guide you towards the vaping solutions best suited to your situation and your desire for discovery. Beyond offering you equipment depending on whether you are a beginner or an experienced vape enthusiast , there is a whole selection of e-liquids that are original, gourmet, fruity or more classic among the essentials that we will be able to advise you on. each time with the assurance of having great experiences. Do you think you will miss the flavor of blond tobacco or menthol in your cigarettes? So we have the solution thanks to menthol, tobacco-flavored or even fresher scents with icy mint for example. Does your sensitivity direct you more towards sweet flavors? Our range of liquids for electronic cigarettes based on fruity vegetable glycerin gives you access to a wide variety of flavors: strawberry, pineapple, red fruits and dragon fruit, watermelon, green apple or lime... And if you are more classic style, our Heisenberg, Astaire or Vampire e-liquids will satisfy your recreational desires.

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