High Vaping, creator of e-liquids made in France for electronic cigarettes!

High Vaping is a young French brand created in 2015 by vaping enthusiasts. It was in the cultural bustle of Paris that High Vaping was born, in the very center of the capital.

We wanted to transcribe this ethnic and cultural diversity into our liquids with mixtures of sometimes exotic flavors.

We have adopted an ideal aimed at proximity to our customers. In our eyes, it is of capital importance that everyone can find their vape: the right electronic cigarette and the E-liquid that suits them. This is why, in our store located at 4 rue Saint Roch in Paris , we offer equipment suitable for all types of consumers as well as a wide range of e liquids which will satisfy beginners and experienced alike.

As Vape enthusiasts, we learned about the liquid manufacturing process and therefore decided to start “DIY” (Do It Yourself) with the aim of creating new flavors. It was a success!

After numerous attempts to find a perfect harmonization of the aromas and in the composition of the e-liquid and for your greatest pleasure, we have arrived at beautiful results.

From the start, our goal was to guarantee safety for the consumer by offering them a unique vaping experience. We therefore decided to produce our own brand of E-liquid in the laboratory, in compliance with legal standards and constraints. We are therefore proud to announce that all our liquids are TPD Ready .

Today, our brand has grown and we have a wide range of different liquids, including several premium ones! Each of our flavors has been developed taking into account the demands of our customers both in terms of flavor and composition.

As a result, our juices are rich in aromas and contain no alcohol or water.

Our range is therefore wide, varied and multi-flavored, ranging from classic, fruity, gourmet and menthol. We are proud of the results!

We wish you an excellent HighVape!

The sale of electronic cigarettes and e liquid is prohibited to minors.