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The Premiums are coming!

The Premiums are coming!

Hello everyone !

We thank you for your patience and we can already tell you that you didn't wait for nothing!

Indeed, the Premiums arrived at High Vaping a short time ago and are more than validated by our customers. There is something for everyone: characterful and caramelized tobacco; a milkshake that will remind you of the sweets from your sweetest childhood, with strawberries for those with a sweet tooth; apricot pistachio! Creamy and delicious for this season; peppermint ibiscus and a hint of red fruits which will give a touch of freshness for this very hot summer which is fast approaching; a delicious American-style speculoos cookie, nothing better to thrill your taste buds... and finally, the Fifty, an excellent tobacco gently harmonized with vanilla!

On your Vapes, set, go!

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