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How I stopped smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes and High Vaping!

How I stopped smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes and High Vaping!

Until two years ago, I was what we call a heavy smoker with a tobacco consumption that hovered around a pack of cigarettes per day. After turning to multiple solutions to help with smoking cessation : patches, chewing gum or chewing gum, nicotine spray and even sophrology and hypnosis, nothing worked so well that I always returned to my classic cigarettes . Come and discover our electronic cigarettes in Paris 3 .

Until the day I became interested in electronic cigarettes without really knowing what it really was and how it could help me quit smoking. I first carried out various research on the internet, I questioned my friends and my colleagues who vaped to collect their feelings and find out if this solution was really effective and not, once again, a blow of the sword. in the water that would definitely make me light a cigarette at some point.

I was then taken aback by the diversity of the offer but also by the responses I received, which all seemed to favor the electronic cigarette and its benefits for quitting smoking. But, at this stage, I didn't know much more about what vaping really was and even less what the e-liquids sold by many brands were made of, all claiming to have expertise in the matter . .

Faced with everything I heard at the time about electronic cigarettes , I admit that I was a little afraid to get started, not knowing if I was going to replace the harmful effects of tobacco with other harmful effects for my health. , the goal was to regain better health and wean myself off nicotine .

It was at this point in my approach that, on the advice of a friend who kept praising the merits of vaping as part of smoking cessation , I got in touch with Damien, manager of High Vaping , a brand that I had seen without paying more attention to it than to another.

After enlightening me about the world of vaping and answering my questions about the composition of e-liquids , how they could help me quit smoking and what the health dangers could be in relation to all what we heard at the time in the media, I found myself confident and therefore embarked on the adventure of vaping to do without cigarettes .

Initially, Damien advised me to go for nicotine e-liquids which had a concentration of 20 mg so as not to notice too sudden a withdrawal effect, which according to him, would be counterproductive in the desire to ' stop smoking . So I bought my first electronic cigarette and followed Damien's advice who recommended that I try several flavors to find the one that suited me best. After trying different variations , it was the e-liquid with dragon fruit and nicotine salts that won my preference .

Over the months, I went from 20mg to 10mg to finally turn to e-liquids with different flavors but completely free of nicotine . Furthermore, where chewing gum and patches failed to convince me to quit smoking was in the lack of a gestural habit which consists of bringing the cigarette to the mouth. A habit that is difficult to get rid of when you have smoked for many years .

Today, I can say that thanks to the advice of Damien from High Vaping and the high quality of the vape products offered by the brand, I managed to wean myself off tobacco , I found a better quality of life and I no longer have any remorse when I take a drag on my electronic cigarette .