High Vaping, creator of e-liquids made in France for electronic cigarettes!

Come to High Vaping to create your vape liquids!

Come to High Vaping to create your vape liquids!

Do you like to know what you are vaping? Do it yourself appeals to you? Do you like to compose your own blends for a tailor-made vaping experience?

For all these reasons and many more, High Vaping invites you to come and meet us in one of our Vape Shops in Paris to learn, in a friendly atmosphere and in a good mood, how to create your own e-liquids.

And if you don't live in Paris, or near one of our teams of enthusiasts, our online vape shop allows you to find everything you need to imagine, create and experiment with new recipes for your vape liquids .

Why come learn how to make your DIY Vape products with High Vaping?

There are several reasons why you may choose to make your own vape liquids rather than purchasing pre-made products.


Making your own e-liquids can be more economical than purchasing ready-to-consume products. With High Vaping , you access basic ingredients in bulk, vegetable glycerin, flavors and nicotine, thus significantly reducing production costs, allowing you to save money in the long term.


Making your own e-liquids allows you to customize your blends to your individual preferences. With the DIY solution offered by High Vaping, vapers can adjust the nicotine concentration and test different flavors to create a tailor-made vaping experience. This can be especially helpful for those who have specific tastes or want to experiment with new flavors.

Quality control

By making your own e-liquids and trusting High Vaping's expertise, you have total control over the quality and origin of the ingredients used. An interesting alternative for vapers concerned about their health and the impact of the products they consume.


DIY making your e-liquids can be a creative and fun activity. Between  Vapers, you have the opportunity to experiment with different flavors and combinations to create unique and original blends, and even share your creations.

Adaptation to smoking cessation

For vapers who use electronic cigarettes as a means of quitting smoking, making your own e-liquids allows you to gradually adjust the nicotine content downwards. So you can control your nicotine consumption and facilitate  your transition to a nicotine-free vape and to quit smoking.

A range of DIY products and kits to personalize your vaping experience!

Complete e-liquid creation kit, bottles of concentrated aromas, nicotine booster, additives for intense freshness or sweetness effects, High Vaping offers you all the essentials and essentials to indulge in DIY creation of your liquids for electronic cigarettes .

Compounds of plant origin, 100% natural ingredients, a wide diversity of aromas and French manufacturing , here are some of the good reasons to come to High Vaping to manufacture e-liquids that suit you with responsible and sustainable products. for unique experiences.